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International teacher from Wisconsin, USA.

Certified Secondary Education Social Studies
IB Theory of Knowledge
Experienced learning space designer

I am interested in finding pathways (back?) to “education pure and simple.” This starts first with figuring out what we mean by learning—embracing the uncertainty and undertaking the experiments. I have experience working with students 12-18 years old in numerous types of educational settings. I develop, design, and create learning journeys and learning spaces. I focus on the design choices we make, and the thinking we use to get there, that structure teaching and learning. I am in general dissatisfied with where we are in education, the trade-offs we make, and many of our reasons for making them. I am also encouraged by the possibilities of redesigning these aspects, and I want to work with others who share this passion. My research interests include: learning design, school design, and educational philosophy.



I'm a teacher. I am passionate about and energized by a future of education focused on prioritizing the antecedents to learning.


Our actions result in conscious and deliberate design choices. I therefore bring a design perspective to my work and interests.

Trier of Things

I am a tinkerer. I am constantly trying to create new things and am inspired by the possibilities when we dream out loud.




A few examples of some of the professional work I've accomplished over the past few years.

School Design

learning spaces re-design disruption


How Space Structures Learning


MakerSpace "unschooling" experiment


inaugural TEDEd Club videos

9th gr Big Questions

self-organized PBL presentations

Innovate 2015 Workshop

Creating Presentations That Work

New Learning

a selection of published Master's work

Designing Spaces

graduate course with Ewan McIntosh


a blog about teaching and learning

"What we need is education pure and simple, and we shall make surer and faster progress when we devote ourselves to finding out just what education order that education may be a reality and not a name or a slogan.".

—John Dewey | Education and Experience


Recent professional work

I've been an international educator for six years. Before teaching internationally, I worked various jobs as a substitute teacher, running shoe salesman, in sail boat repair, factory worker, accountant, in property management, and futon store manager


IB Theory of Knowledge, Design, Technology, and Media, MakerSpace, 9th grade World History, 7th grade World Geography, and 1 year IBDPC | TEDEd, MUN director, Flex Space lead designer

From July 2013 to present
Uruguayan American School


IB Theory of Knowledge, 11th and 12th grade Philosophy, 12th grade Economics and 10th grade English | Co-coordinator, C.A.S. and Extended Essay programs, Junior States of America adviser.

From July 2011 to June 2013
American School of Tegucigalpa


Academic career

I studied Philosophy and Political Science as an undergraduate, took 3 years off to work various jobs, then came back to school to get my teaching certificate. I recenlty completed my Masters of Education.


Masters of Education

University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign | Learning Design and Leadership in New Learning | Department of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership


Certificate in Secondary Eduction

University of Wisconsin—Madison | 6-12 Social Studies and Political Science


Bachelors of Science

University of Wisconsin—Madison | Philosophy (Honors) and Political Science (with Distinction)

All artificial things are designed.

—Don Norman | The Design of Everyday Things


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